Trip Reader

NFC Public Transit Card Reader in China


Trip Reader is an NFC card reader app that supports public transit cards issued across China. Compared with other products, Trip Reader focuses on the display of practical information such as station names and bus routes. It is mainly intended for ordinary users, while also taking into account the needs of professional users and card lovers.


目前已在Apple, Google Play, 华为应用市场小米应用商店上架。

无法使用Google Play的Android用户也可点此下载安装包(不可用于升级Google Play版),当前版本1.6.2。

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FAQ (Chinese Only)

已知问题 (Chinese Only)


Some of the data used in Trip Reader is published at the address below to benefit NFC development activities.



This app has been made better ❤ by contributions from (list not complete):

Chenyue Feng, 涛涨流, RisingTank, Lyu Han, 一月东城殇, Panda, Rayista, 虹羽, 龙腾四海, 马丁, 千葉, 晴转の多云, 随便, 笑脸, 快乐的棒棒唐, 眼泪, 羊局驼段, 恒沐, 雨鸽, 黑森林里会迷路, 走马行酒醴, 同宇工作室, 夜空守望者, 北陽, BH2SEB, 机智轩の微視角, 兰love新一, HXD3CA7501, 龙牙, 暖暖小柿子, 艾拉, 化身大禹治水的染色体, 杨诚, 城市通卡, WarmMarine, ycn, Robert Lyu, Guy Zhang, 无聊, 魔王, Neptune, 細貓Lil Cat, 黄柏之, line17, 小鱼吐泡泡, 吃貨一枚, 冰糖炖雪梨咕咕咕, 老赵, 南惊西露, lsr, 上局鄞段

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